CariVu Cavity Detection

The Latest Technology in Towson, MD for Thorough Cavity Checks

Early cavity detection is important so that decay can be stopped before it becomes extensive and painful. At Towson Dental Group, Dr. Chung uses the advanced CariVu Detection Device to check for cavities thoroughly, safely, and painlessly. The CariVu wand gently “embraces” a tooth and uses near-infrared light to provide a complete image of the tooth. This imaging allows Dr. Chung to inspect the tooth meticulously for cracks and spots of decay.

CariVu only uses light to transilluminate your teeth, and there is absolutely no radiation. This feature means that the device is completely safe for everyone, including children and pregnant women. Furthermore, CariVu can help keep your dental costs low. By catching cavities early, it may be possible to avoid more costly treatments.

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