Root Canal Therapy

Endodontic Treatment in Towson, MD

Root canal patient in Towson MDIf you require a root canal, there is no need to travel out of your way to an unfamiliar office. Instead, you can rely on your trusted dentist at Towson Dental Group. No one ever desires a root canal, but Dr. Chung and his staff go to great lengths to ensure your comfort during this procedure. He is also sure to carry out your root canal as quickly as possible while still maintaining the highest standard of quality.

What’s the Purpose of a Root Canal?

Pulpectomies, more commonly known as root canals, serve two main purposes – to stop infection and to save your tooth. If a tooth becomes infected, it is important to halt the infection before it spreads throughout your body or damages your tooth beyond salvage. Dr. Chung can perform a root canal to clean the infected inner canal of your tooth and remove diseased tissue. This procedure, in combination with other treatments, can resolve the infection.

Once Dr. Chung has completed a root canal, he will usually place a crown on the tooth for protection. This approach is typically preferable to pulling the tooth because there is no need for tooth replacement such as a bridge.

Signs of a dental infection include lasting or severe pain, abscesses, bleeding, and pus. Contact us right away at (410) 823-0044 if you notice any of these symptoms.